Power is always below the Power Target

Hi Alex,

I have a problem when I do a workout in EGR mode. The power never reaches the power target, it’s 20-30 watts below so to reach it I need to shift gears or increase the cadence but again after 10-15 seconds with that new configuration the power drops down again. I have a Elite Direto XR and use the Trainer app with an Ipad.

II don’t know if that could be a set-up error from my side or a application bug, so please, could you help to to fix it?

Thank you.

Strange are you connecting an external power meter also? If so make sure you turn on power match.

No, I’m not. I only use the smart trainer.

To me this sounds like a problem with your trainer. Have you used your trainer with any other ERG app? Like Zwift in ERG? You might want to try a firmware update. For sure we have many direto users that don’t have a problem. It sounds like you tried this and I don’t think this is the problem based on what you described but make sure you are in a middle gear.

The way it works is we tell your trainer to target 150w and if it does not hit 150w it should not be our issue but if it is somehow if you wanted to spend a little time with my developer, I am sure we could resolve it.