Power level when hitting pause

Hi, I’m not sure if this is already a thing, bit can you adjust the preset power level when pausing?

So I’m doing a hard workout and i need to pause for some reason, to answer the phone or because i want to puke because of acid build up, i hit pause and immediately the power setting is set to something low so that i can keep pedaling while finishing the phonecall or puke and continue my workout.

Hi, there are multiple ways to do this but we have no way to do this in 1 click.

The simplest is just to press slope mode and possibly shift gears or press + - to get to the intensity level you want. Now if you want to resume from where you were at you would need to just keep pedalling at low intensity, and reselect the same workout and it would merge them together and press skip a few times to get back to where you were at and press ERG again. Now this probably requires 5-10 clicks.

We want to add the ability to insert a segment or interval set which would be closer to what you want and could probably do this in a couple clicks with less brain power required.