Power line thickness and auto pause speed


These are small annoyances that I get in the app; nothing serious, it’s just in case you have some time to improve the experience.

  • the app auto-pauses too quickly: sometimes when I need to change gears (it should take less than 1s) the app pauses and resumes 2-3s later; I guess that the apps stops “instantly”, as soon as the power output falls to 0 (?), I think it should wait 1-2s before going in Pause mode.
  • the curve for the output power is too thick, I’d like to be able to see the target intervals (by transparency ?) below it.

Greetings :wink:

I love this type of suggestions. I think these depends on the trainer but I also think both might be good. Do you have power smoothing on? That affects line coverage.

Yes, I set it to 3s, to match the power I see on the screen of my PC from the other app I use in conjunction (BigRingVR, also 3s smoothing). The spikes on the power line make the (past) intervals invisible.

Yes ok I understand. Let me see what we can do, thinner or partially transparent might help. So far no one else has complained but I know personally I agree it would be nice to see the past a little more clearly as long as it still looks good and clear :slight_smile:

Some how TrainerRoads is a bit easier to see, maybe they have thinner lines.

I’ll try to make a screenshot next time (if I remember how to, on my Android), but yeah, you got it.

So, in fact the glitch is more prominent when the workout is zoomed out; when it’s zoomed in, there is less compression with the graph. Maybe the power line could be “simplified” when the whole workout is displayed…

Oh great point!!! :slight_smile: I always do 20 minute workouts :slight_smile: and am usually zoomed in… This we can improve for sure.

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