Power Match Problem (RESOLVED)

Yep, me too. Thanks Alex and team :facepunch:t3:

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During my workout yesterday, there were also no problems in this regard. :+1:
However, there were drops in resistance during the interval transitions. Also, some intervals were about 3 seconds too long. So the interval was actually already finished, but I had to pedal the wattage setting for about 3 seconds longer.

Hmm, I would love you to do a test (ride) like this without power match if you could (mostly about the power drops). I don’t ride kickr with power match often other than short tests but I will see if I can duplicate this. I will ask my tester to check on non-kickr.

Regarding the extra 3-seconds what happens on a lot of devices is that when you send a change in power they report an error and so you have to send it again. I have seen two of the exact same model of trainers from the same year and some have a lot of errors and some not so many. I don’t know if this is the case but it is one explination. Heat could affect it? Not sure. We did change all our logic recently to help support other trainers that were not working correctly and it may have negatively affected Wahoo for example. So it’s possible we need to improve something. I will try to test that more also. I do lots of short interval tests and have not seen that lately.

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Okay, thanks for your answer!
I will test it tomorrow or on Wednesday without power match and give you feedback.

I just tested without power match and I see a problem with timing. Meaning the chart is not 100% aligned to the interval seconds and the sounds. We had this bug in the past and it has come back. We can fix that one. That should resolve your timing problems. I will test the power match tomorrow.

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I just did a quick test. One with power match on and another without power match. The average wattage with power match was 167 and without 186 w.
Power match on:

Power match off:

Oh yeah. I can see our power match algorythm does not work very well with your trainer for some reason (ERG itself seems fine, just off from your power meter). It seems when your power changes intervals it over compensates or something. I still have not had time to test kickr with power meter but generally our power match works well for most people. Let me test and find out. I have a sick kid so a bit busier than usual. Our tester does not have kickr so I will try to see if it is a kickr problem (I have v4 also) or possibly your pedals are somehow confusing our code…

Before the June update, I had no problems with this setup (I have a crank based power meter) in terms of power match.
However, I will also test the whole thing with my Garmin Rally pedals tomorrow.

Oh that is interesting, ok so that means the problem is not related to our power match code because that did not not change recently but some how does… Ok thanks for the clarification.

I just did the same test with the Garmin Rally pedals. The same problem exists with these:

Thanks for this. We are launching new build in next day or few and then going to focus on this.

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What’s the current status of this request? Over the summer, I haven’t used Trainerday very often, but I think the issue with Kickr core and power match hasn’t been solved completely so far. If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see virtual peaks or big changes in power that occur even in the case of small setpoint changes. It’s almost impossible to achieve the target power at short intervals (30/30"). Do you have an idea what settings you have to change?

Oh yes sorry our power match will not match correctly for 30/30s. It’s complicated to try to make that work. TrainerRoad has way more money then us and my guess is they did but I did not test their power match 2.0. My original design factored this in to handle short intervals but we could not get is stable enough so we had to do something simpler. It seems to work fine on longer steady starte efforts. We need to work on out 2.0 version but sadly I don’t see that getting completed this winter. Wish I had better news.