Power meter appears as smart trainer (RESOLVED)

I have a Stages left-side power meter on a bike that I connect via bluetooth:

When I connect it to the app, it appears as a smart trainer:

Now it shows two smart trainers connected, the Hammer and the Stages. The app seems to ignore the Stages power meter – the displayed power is coming from the Hammer. Also, the power matching display in the app is missing.

At another location, I have a different bike and trainer with a dual-sided Stages power meter and an Elite Direto XR trainer. The connections work as expected there.

Oh, yes, I knew some devices were showing as smart trainer when they were not but this is the first time I have seen this as a problem. I know how to fix this but we will need change some code. Sorry about that. Are you iOS or Android? Are you wiling to beta test to make sure it is fixed? If so you could send me a personal message here or contact me at support@trainerday.com

Hello, I’m facing the same issus now as well on Android app v 3.5.7 and Favero power meter. Likely it started with app upgrade since it was fine previously. Cheers

Yep, I am seeing the same we will have this fixed right away. I also have Favero

3.5.7 is beta (I believe) so you could not use beta versions and it will be more stable but happy for you to help.

Thanks Alex for quick response.

Hmm, interesting, I don’t think I’m a part of beta program, but got it through usual Play Store update. Happy to roll back to stable release if it solves it just not sure how.

I started seeing the same thing this morning. It’s now showing my Stages L+R power meter as a smart trainer. When I first reported it last September, the bug only affected my other bike with the Stages left-side power meter.

We will get this fixed today. Sorry maybe accidental push to production.

Ok we have this fixed we are deploying update now.

I got 3.5.8 this morning and the problem is fixed - it recognizes the Stages dual-sided power meter correctly. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

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So quick, many thanks!

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