Power pedals on spin bike

I’ve been using TrainerDay for a while now and have added a set of Garmin Vector dual sided power meter pedals to the bike. I use a schwinn ic4 Bluetooth bike and was relying on virtual power. My Saris m3 is just too noisy for the house. I have paired the pedals to the app and both the bike and pedals show as paired, and connected. I don’t see any difference in the watts shown with the power meter pedals connected. Is there any way to confirm that the watts shown are from the pedals and not from the spin bike.(virtual). Do i need to unpair the spin bike and just pair the pedals?

I use a spin bike with Assioma pedals :slight_smile: I really like the silence of it. My wife would never let me bring a real bike in the house :slight_smile:

Our logic is that it should definitly prioritize the power meter over the virtual power. I don’t see any reason to have the spin bike connected. You get both RPM and power from the pedals. So simplist is just disconnect the iC4.

Thanks, i was thinking it would make more sense. All i need indoors is power, cadence, and HR. Great app BTW. :ok_hand:

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