Power2Max Power Meter

Anyone have any luck connecting a Power2Max Power Meter? I can’t connect it through the app.

It connects to my Garmin no worries at all, but doesn’t come up on my TD app.

Can’t find any help online, so hoping someone has done it before and knows what to do?

Do you see it in our connections tab? It seems it supports bluetooth although if you have it connected to something else or another app you won’t see it in ours. Also you might want to look at your phone bluetooth settings and make sure it is not connected directly to your phone.

Hi Alex, where do I find the connections tab?

It definitely wasn’t connected elsewhere, my Garmin was off when I was trying to connect it to the TD app.

Typically Bluetooth stuffs can only connect to 1 item.

Eg; if it’s connected to the phone. It won’t be able to connected to the iPad. (Even If not used)

Do check if there may be some other devices which you may have connected to it some time ago.

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Go to android or iphone settings bluetooth and try disconnecting it there (if it’s connected). Occasionally people have problems because of this.

No worries. Can try that, however I’ve never connected it to my phone as it’s new.

Will report back how I get on.

Are you Android or iOS? If this does not work, you could work with my developer to sort it out.

Android. Would be happy to!

I have not forgotten about this. My developer is just moving countries so a bit slow on his side at the moment.