Problem to send workouts to Garmin. Maximum number of steps?

Hi!. I use TD to create workouts from ERG files (downloaded from Xert) and send it to Garmin/TPs/ With some workouts, in particular those with many steps, there is a problem for sending them to Garmin. I usually solve the problem by sending them to TPs which is sync to Garmin. However, when doing the workout outside with my Garmin unit, at some point it finishes unexpectedly. I guess that this is an issue related with the maximum number of steps. Am I right? How could I fix it?

Many thanks in advance!

I just discovered that this issue occurs with workout files in ERG format. Apparently there is no problem with ZWO files, at least to send them to Garmin

Garmin has a limit of 50 steps. We show error, TraningPeaks removes some steps (truncates workout). I don’t know what you mean about send ZWO since Garmin does not accept ZWO. There is no work around but removing ramps can help.

You can search our forums to see more discussions of this.

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Thanks @Alex. I meant that the workout created in TD from a ZWO file as opposed to ERG can be sent to Garmin. The error message in TD only appears when trying to send to Garmin the workout created using an ERG file. I do not know however if the workout is truncated when created from the ZWO file. Do you think so?

Can you send me erg and zwo? it should be same either way.

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Sure, I will send you the same workout both in ZWO and ERG files. Thanks!