Problem with white power line (version 3.0.0 on iOS)

I have a problem with version 3.0.0 on iOS 15.5 (iPad pro 11", 1. gen).

When I start a workout (Coach Jack), the white power line is not visible, only the red heart rate line. After exactly 5 minutes, the white power lines appears (including the first 5 minutes) and after 40 minutes (exactly at the 45 minute marker) it stops again until it goes into auto extension after minute 60. Then the missing 15 minutes appear but the app is not drawing the power line for the extension.

When I press the plus or minus button, the line appears for the missing minutes but it doesn’t draw the line for the current state.

It started after the update and I could replicate it with today’s workout.

Sorry I think this is fixed in 3.0.1 coming out tomorrow. Let me make sure.

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Actually looks like it might be tomorrow (Saturday) as it will be 3.0.2

With 3.0.2 everything is working again. Thank you for the quick fix :slight_smile: