QoL improvements

Hi Alex,

New user here, so apologies if this has already been requested (even though i couldnt find it)

Some (small i think) quality of life improvements for the mobile App:

I’m always listening to music so this would be a great improvement for me and maybe others

  • Is it possible to increase the beeping when a new interval is coming from only 3s to go to beep during the last 3 seconds, with possible an emphasis on the 0 (interval change)

I’m usually watching races, zwift to talk with friends or something on TV

  • Currently only the Watts text goes red when you’re out of target, so its very unnoticeable unless you’re focused on your mobile (small screen). Would be great to maybe highlight the full box in a different color (eg. red) so that the user notices easily


Hi Paulo, welcome. We have not had anyone request the out of target indicator, I guess most are using ERG but I would guess 10-20% are not. Yes if you came from TR, one beep is much more subtle. I was the opposite that the TR beeps bothered me so that is why we made ours much less. People requested “more intensity for beeps” either louder or something in the past. That is why we created the flash but if you are watching something else you won’t see our flash.

We are working on a slight cleaned up design so I will consider both of these and see if I have an opportunity to do something…

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