Queuing Workouts?

Wondering if it’s possible to queue workouts.

As an example - I run a custom warmup before doing any workouts. Immediately after I want to go into my main (separate) workout if I could queue them up.

I currently finish my warmup “workout” then start my main “workout”. Is it possible to queue them up? As I currently run them, I get two Strava entries and have to go digging to find the workout after the warmup is done (I use iOS and if I have it scrolled down to the workout, once I go back after the warmup it’ll lose my place on the workouts tab).


I believe there are 2 options:

  1. Create the workouts you want by putting the warmup and the Main workout together as 1 workout. (this is the way I do it, plan the (entire) workout, then execute it)

  2. Do your warmup workout, then while doing it or towards the end, browse to your Main Workout and then “add” to it. I believe TD has this feature where one can “add” workouts to the current one.

Yes, you can merge whenever you want by selecting the next workout while riding. As soon as you select it, the app will ask if you want to merge and append it after the current step.
I´m using this a lot for endurance work where I don´t know how long I will ride exactly. Just append a block of 30 min multiple times.

Why not just turn on auto extend? :slight_smile:

As @MedTechCD suggested. We have a merge feature, start one workout and while pedalling on the last segment just select the next work out and it will append it t the end of this right after the current segment. It will create 1 workout from as many as you want in Strava and everywhere.

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Because I slightly modulate endurance targets. In ERG mode, doing the exact same wattage for long periods is boring…
I know, you will say that I could use slope mode and regulate myself, but I usually watch TV while doing this and I don’t want to focus on my wattage.

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Nope, cool. Just making sure you were not missing something. All good. I think your plan is a good one. I think ERG is perfect in this case.

This is exactly what I do. I started to create “workout blocks” instead of workout sessions and I put them together as I go. Now having said that, I do think I understand the question :slight_smile:
Option 1 : You create a workout before you start using the editor. Works fine.
Option 2 : you add blocks as you go along. Super feature, my favorite one. Works fine as well.
Option 3 which doesn’t exist would be a different “style” of workout editor, where you can merge workout blocks before you start executing them. As in “queu them up”. Something like : I taken a warmup workout, I add an endurance block, I add a HIIT block and a cooldown. Was thinking about that this weekend as well. But adding them as I go works fine for me to be honest.

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