Ramp Test Not auto calculating (Fixed)

Some how we had a ramp test called Simple FTP Test there, but it should have been the one called TrainerDay Ramp Test. Sorry for anyone taking the ramp test it was not auto-calculating. Now it is.

Hi Alex, I completed the TD ramp test (automatic) version last night but it did not auto calculate my latest FTP.TD Ramp Test (Automatic) (Jun 27) Can I have you run the calc’s on this ride"( I feel like my FTP should have increased from the current 240?). I was happy with the my ride as this is the first FTP test for a while as I am usually not the biggest fan of testing with a traditional test. Thanks in advance

Wow, nice job. Just take that maximum minute of 383 and take 75%, so that is 287, that’s a big increase. :slight_smile:

If you happend to start something else like the warmup and merge then it won’t auto-calculate. We need to improve this. This is the only reason we have seen auto-calcuate to not work unless there is another issue. We will research.

Ah, I see that’s what I have done wrong I merged the test into the quick start. Yeah, I was pretty stoked how I went/performed its the first time I have ever got into the 400 watt area during a test. So you are only calculating the new FTP off the last completed ramp? That’s a pity I was thinking it may involve the first 15 odd seconds in the 400 watt area. lol I think I might struggle completing tonight’s VO2 workout if it did. As my FTP may have got up into the 290+ area… :joy:

A VO2 workout the day after an all-out test is a realy bad idea . You will be struggling the rest of the week.

Actually I just looked real fast, we do calculate that last partial completed interval as well.

I just loaded to TrainingPeaks and it says best 1-minute is 390 watts (see below) so that puts you at 293 FTP :)… Not sure about you but as you may know a ramp test can over-inflate actual FTP but it is very accurate for tracking progress and I usually take what it gives me unless I am feeling lazy then I reduce it :slight_smile:

Do you see ramp tests as stressful? They never feel stressful to me, but I don’t completely kill myself in them. I agree with your concept but not sure ramp test causes that much stress. It says it is 43 tss and that is based on a 240 FTP but since he has a 290+ ftp it’s even lower than that. My HRV for example is not a affected by a ramp test. Now 8-minute or 20-minute tests I completely agree with you.

Any type of all-out test creates stress. And VO2 work is hard. But VO2 work is only efficient if you hit the target HR for as much time as possible. I would hate to have an inefficient VO2 workout caused by residual fatigue. On top of being wasted from the hard work, not hitting the target makes for a partially wasted effort. Just do a Z2 day and postpone the VO2 till the next day. Then make it count by being as efficient as possible.

I ended up setting my FTP to 287 and managed to complete “VO2MAX #7” but I will say that the second interval of each set was a little tough so I think I will stick with the 287 figure for this week, at least! :wink:

I will let you both know how I have managed the weeks planned workouts from my polarized plan “Trainer Day”. Thank you both for your input/advise & concern its very much appreciated. :+1: :facepunch:

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Sure it’s just how long it takes to recover from that stress. In my case maybe because I don’t give 100% recovery seems very fast. I am sure < 24 hours for 95% recovery if not 100%.

I also see on a TrainerRoad forum others are saying they are destroyed after ramp test so I guess this is highly individual. Seems the more common feeling is is that it’s not so bad. But as you are alluding to, it also depends on how hard your VO2 max intervals are. If you are following the belief that you need to go to failure or close to it then 100% recovery is more important.

CJ workouts designed so you should not feel this way. Darren just went from 240 FTP VO2Max #6 to a week later of 287 FTP Vot2Max #7 and still completed it the day after a ramp test, it sounds like it was hard but acceptable. But I would say the next day should be real rest day Z1 or off.

Anyway Claude, I do agree with you that it is better to play it safe in most cases. Do a little too little rather than a little too much.

Hi Alex & Claude,

Yep, as you stated Alex I do CJ has allocated a 35min recovery ride this evening. I am looking forward to it, to be honest! :grinning:

Thanks again for your feedback its been very much appreciated. :+1:

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Oh! by the way, I have decided to split the difference and go with a 290 FTP (3.67 w/kg). It just sounds/feels better. So stoked that I am so close to the 300 club. :partying_face:

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3.67, it’s amazing. Great work.