Ramp Test - Too Easy, So……

…… should I change the FTP in my profile from 150 (changed from default value of 100 after first easy ramp test) to something substantially higher like 400 or more?

I was still going strong at the peak of today’s ramp test and didn’t run out of steam. I was given an estimated FTP of 118 by TD and felt this isn’t accurate.

I want to get the most accurate FTP before I continue with the workout I’m currently doing (Time crunched 6 week FTP builder) so I’m getting the most from it.



Here’s a chart that can help you make a first very rough estimate. The value in the last column for 60min is the FTP estimate in W/kg of body weight.

You are giving us almost no information but as an example with the 400w you are mentioning, at a body weight of 80kg, that would put you in the Elite cat 1 category…
Interpreting the way you have posted this, I would guess that you are a fairly young person with very little to no experience in cycling and you just have accepted a chalenge for an event in the very near future. Thus with very little time left to prepare for that chalenge.
I could offcourse be totaly wrong with this assumption but that’s just the picture my mind is sending me when reading you post. If that is wrong, my apologies, it is certainly not my intention to be rude. But if it is like that, I consider it my duty to warn you and protect you from overdoing it and hurting yourself.
Do you have some sort of endurance sport history other then cycling that would be solid enough to be considered as a fairly good base fitness?
If not, I would strongly suggest rethinking your plan and get in a number of weeks with base endurance training. The FTP plan you mentioned is not a beginner’s plan. You need a minimal base fitness to tolerate such a hard plan. Without a good base fitness, this plan will have you toasted before you reach the fourth week, best case and worst case you will be left with an injury.
Regarding the ramp test:
If your FTP is set at 150W, the last stage would have been at least 200W, but normally the ramp test has a couple of extra stages. So it could have been around 240-260W. If you reached 240W, the FTP estimation would the be 3/4 of that value and return 180W. That’s nowhere near what you are reporting. Are you sure, you correctly understood how this test should be done?
What I can tell you regarding the ramp test is that once it starts feeling hard, you’re usualy finished within the next two or three stages.
Please don’t hesitate to correct any misinterpretation from my side and post all the questions you have. We are here to help. Just try to give us some more information that will allow us to guide you in the right and healthy direction!

Hi MedtechCD,

Thank you for your response. I am indeed a young person who takes on challenges but live in hope that I might start acting a bit more maturely when I hit my 58th year next month. Not holding out too much hope though!

A brief resume……
ten years as a bike messenger in London, many extended cycle tours in various parts of the globe, including deserts, rainforests and big mountains (love cycling up long hills - I’m a bit of a pervert when it comes to gradients!). 24hr mountain bike racing, endurance road cycling, including the Paris - Brest-Paris, and more gentle bike touring in mainland Europe towing one of the kids and all the family camping gear around for up to a month at a time.


I’m now working 12 hr night shifts and not getting out on the bike as frequently so have bought a smart trainer (Kickr Core). I’m also a little out of shape after Covid and some time off the bike due to other circumstances.

As my previous riding has been get-out-and-ride rather than structured I’m new to ramp tests, FTP, watt generation and other sports science.

So, I may be wrong but I was guessing that if I adjusted my FTP to 400 in my TD profile then I would be more likely to max out before the ramp test finished and, therefore, get a more realistic/accurate FTP reading which I’d input into my profile, replacing the temporary 400 FTP. The further workouts in my programme would then be adjusted to my more realistic FTP and I’d get more returns from the effort I put into them?



(Also, until recently had a 25km commute to work with 700m of climbing. Sometimes did it fixed wheel but the down hills were a bit annoying!)

This is actually a bug we are working on (it should use max minute not last minute) most of the time this the same but in some cases it gives a bad reading but depending on your weight I would guess you are around 250 or that’s a good place to start. We should provide a way to help people better estimate before their first ftp test. Like warmup and 1min as hard as you can, just to get a ball park.

So I am confused. What happened with the 400w ftp test? We have a lot of 50+ guys here, myself included :slight_smile: I am 56 on Sept 5th :slight_smile:

Damned, you’re actually old :rofl:, almost 2 months older then I am… Just joking off course.
Again some clear proof that we as humans have a tendency to immediately imagine certain characteristics based on a few words written down or spoken over the phone.
You made it clear that you have a pretty good base to build on, so the plan shouldn’t be much of a problem.
The thing about a Ramp test is that it shouldn’t ramp up to fast and not to slow because that will influence the result. When you set an FTP that is way too high, the steps will be big and you will have to quit early. The result is highly influenced by your anaerobic capacity in that case and probably too high.
But with your history, 118W is way too low. I agree with Alex that something around 250w (3-3.5W/kg bodyweight) should be a good first estimate.
A word of caution: Since you’re not used to do structured work, just make sure to listen to your body and don’t overdo the hard work. Recent science shows clearly that low intensity endurance work has almost unlimited growing capacity. Overdose on high intensity breaks you down.

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I haven’t yet done the ramp test with my TD FTP set to 400. I will try that tomorrow then maybe again the next day set at 250 and see what I come up with.
Happy birthdays in advance to all concerned! (go easy on the beer and cake!)

400 is like a pro racer :slight_smile: I would do 250 first then 400. But I am curious what happens with 400 :slight_smile: