Random Workout Button

The workout database is so vast a random workout button would be great. It could be implemented so the user sets a max time or workout type (VO2, threshold, etc) or both.

Personally I’m thinking a dumb version of the TrainerRoad adaptive workout or Garmin suggested workout. Although maybe it would become a pre-curser to a TrainerDay equivalent.

With only one vote and no comments I’m not sure I conveyed my idea very well (or maybe no one else was interested in it). But, I will try one more time.

I don’t feel trainerday makes it very easy for me to find new and different workouts. When using the trainerday search no randomisation is applied to the results, by default they are displayed by popularity which only keeps the same workouts in the first few pages. The below images show when using a search term across the apps at various times the results are always displayed the same.

PC Search

iPad Search

iPhone Search

Google uses a ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button on its search page. What I was trying to suggest was, something like this could be added next to the search button on the mobile apps.


It would mean, we could enter a search term such as: ‘Zone: Anaerobic 60 mins’ press a random / I’m Feeling Lucky button to open a random workout from the vast databases which I am sure most people only look at a fraction off.

I did read it but forgot to respond, which I try to always do. Thanks for bubbling it back up. Your clarification now totally changes what I was imagining. This is much more interesting to me. You are absolutely right it is massive db. Must be 10x bigger than TrainerRoad but there is also an extreme amount of duplication. It would be ideal if we could do some smart randomization. Like unique + some level of popularity. But random to search is much better in my mind then random. Like smart random sort order. I like it.

It would be nice to hear someone else interested :slight_smile:

For me, I think you have identified a problem that I have with the search engine, but I’m not sure about the solution

I think by listing by popularity, the most popular get a extra chance to stay more popular and stay at the top of the list, I want to see different workouts, but what I want to so it workouts that relate to the one that I previously did, I really like the “similar to” option at the bottom of the workout details page, what I would like to see if something based on my previous workout, I did a very hard (for me) Anaerobic workout, what I want to see next time, is a workout at a similar intensity or a little bit harder (with a option to see workouts a little bit softer), at the moment what I do is have my own collection of workouts and edit them to added workout progression, which just adds to the library when the workout that I need is probably already there

I know this sounds a lot like somebody else’s PL, but I think that is increasibly powerful from a workout search point of view

That’s a good idea. I also agree 100% that because we sort by popularilty we make the popular more popular. We need “rising favorites” or something also. Something not in the top 50. Our database is severly under utilized because of this popularity feature.

Right now we have similar workouts but they are very, very similar. If we looked at your library, calendar or TD app ride history… we could come up with recommended workouts “Because you did XYZ, you might like one of these. A littl harder a little easier.” @Trax101 would recommended workouts solve your need as well? They could be randomly different each time you look at it or randomly different each day. This would even give people a reason to come back more often to see what todays suggestions are. I am liking this more and more.

To be honest, I don’t think having a recommended workout section would work. I was looking for a way to find new workouts from search really. I think the recommended workouts could easily show a workout type and duration which doesn’t fit in with a plan. Whereas when you can specify the workout type and duration in the search bar you will always get results which match your planned session.

i.e. if I have recently done a 45 minute threshold workout, the day before that I did a two hour endurance ride. How would workout suggestions know that the following day I wanted to do a 30 minute anaerobic session?

Maybe instead of having a button next to the search button, an additional filter button could be added which randomises the results. This way, the results could still be displayed from the search, using the default popularity filter, but then people could click the random filter button to jumble the search results. This would then result in people finding new and different workouts (utilising more of your database), but still fitting within the parameters of their planned session.

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