Re-sync with services button i.e. Strava re-sync

just in case something goes down the well, there’s currently no possibility to resync the latest activity with the connected services like Strava, etc.

A button to resync a specific activity would be nice.
Currently, my latest activity is somewhere in limbo.
Downloaded the tcx and fit file but somehow Strava is “analyzing” it for way too long.


Obviously you can always download FIT or TCX and add it manually but yes we can keep this as a feature request because I am fully aware we are lazy and want it now :slight_smile: I would have used this button myself. :slight_smile: We monitor all strava activites and I don’t see any delays happening. I saw one earlier today but it was not yours.

Could you check what is going on with my latest activity from today?

Edit: with a delay of about two hours the activity was synced


Something seems to be going on, we are seeing more and more delays. Need my developer to look at it. Not sure if he will look tonight or in the morning.

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Later that day there was a message from Strava, they had some issues. So nothing on your side.

Nevertheless, a resync button would be nice :smiley:

Yes, I was thinking it was Strava, thanks for letting me know. I did not look but I think this page would have told us this.

In this case re-sync would not have helped and would have caused duplicates.