Record/upload lap data (COMPLETED)

It would be great if the app recorded intervals as laps and then uploaded that data to Strava/Training Peaks for analysis.

Hook up your Strava account to - tons of other useful analysis tools you won’t find elsewhere.

Good idea, if I remember intervals has automatic interval detection? I agree intervals is a good solution although people that have a deep TrainingPeaks knowlege that don’t mind the price it’s still significantly more powerfull, especially WKO obviously. I think GoldenCheetah might have automated interval detection.

Nice suggestion. This is rather simple to do after we add a visual verion of your workout history to our site.

Yes and it does quite a good job at it. Sometimes, you may need to manually override or add intervals that get lost in translation, but I think it’s > 90% spot on…

Actutally, the whole reason was created, is in the name :rofl: The other 10 million analysis tools were added due to… You can guess that :sunglasses:

Intervals’ auto-detection may be the better solution for erg workouts (especially for shorter intervals), since there is a lag in the trainer response to an interval. I would imagine this would be difficult to adjust for within the app since the response time probably varies based on the trainer and the signal quality.

I just wish Intervals had a way of syncing the lap markers back to Strava.

Yes, Neo changes instantly and wahoo has about 2-3 second delay and it is not precise so it’s close to impossible to get it perfect but we did do some adjustments to try to get it close. I actually developed a auto-interval detection algorthm too but it’s not in use any where. We will keep this open and see who votes for it and then think about it.

Sadly, that is not a possibility.

Is it possible to just make each interval “lap” the tcx file? (does tcx file even allow laps?). Or just add an option, maybe a checkbox next to each line in the workout creator where you can “lap” the interval

I have read the TCX file supports laps but not sure how to do it. Could probably research more. Yes we talked about allowing laps in our editor but it’s not a nice clean solution.

I am posting this on behalf of manuespil. He would like to see intervals in our TCX files.

So I have talked to my friend at Garmin and he showed me adding laps to TCX fies is easy so we could add the actual intervals.

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We just added Laps to our Strava and Dropbox and the next version of the app will also contain laps in the export files. These laps align with the segments in the workout.


These laps are not currently in TrainingPeaks but you could connect to dropbox and have dropbox push using Tapirik to TrainingPeaks and it might work. I don’t know how to send laps to TrainingPeaks but we can review that for the future.