Reduced power cooldown detection prompt annoying


Just finished my first workout w/ Trainer Day, and while it generally seems like an excellent product, one “feature” was so annoying I bailed out on the ramp test early. Specifically, the code that autodetects a drop in power and prompts for starting cooldown every 30 seconds was unbearable.

My experience may be a consequence of the fact that I merged the TD Ramp Test on the end of a short zone 2 workout to try and fill an hour of time (which also locked the percentage effort adjustment buttons, but that was a minor annoyance as pausing the workout unlocked them).

I was using an iPhone running iOS version 15.8.2 in case that is part of the issue. Regardless, this seems like a feature that would be better implemented as a stand-alone button or single prompt after pressing the Stop button. Trying to build an “AI” solution for this has no real world benefit and made for a miserable experience.

The problem is cadence detection, you likely have a trainer with erratic cadence. We just tried to fix this so it only pops up one time but for some reason it seems it still happens in some cases. Which trainer are you using? What you can do temporarily is create a clone of a ramp test but don’t put “ramp test” in the title “Ramp - Test” should be fine for example and then it will work. You can go to strava or other app to look at your best one minute, multiply by .75 and get your FTP. We will fix this but my developer is on kind of a working vacation right now so not sure how soon he can fix it.

Hi Alex,

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Snap with no cadence detection. Cadence was 0 the entire ride.

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I think cadence is the problem Thanks for clarification. I will see if we can’t get this fixed soon.

So we tried everything we can and can’t duplicate this. Or let’s say the only way we can is if there is a lost connection to the device. Lost connections could be caused by interfering wifi channels or other similar wireless devices.