Request: Add Search Feature to the app - 3 Votes in original post

Requested by lenkar
Hi, another question, android app only shows “my lybrary” workouts. is there any way to find and choose workouts from the web database directly in the app?



Alex’s reply:

Hello again, sorry no there is not. Other than if you click on a workout you can see similar workouts and add them, No search functionality. Search in the app will come soon, I would assume within the next 30-days.

Wow I was way off on 30-days. Actually I just realized I can’t add search to the app, because we allow both a free-version and a paid version the rules get complicated about adding features in the app. You can add content but not features unless a user pays in the app and not on the site.

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Actually now on second thought maybe this is possible without a change in pricing models. Requires more research .