Request: Allow specifying the number of steps when converting ramps to steps for Garmin and TrainingPeaks workouts

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I had someone request this. Right now we have magic that converts ramps to steps. If it is a 10-minute ramp some people would like to make that 10 1-minute steps, rather than the random step lengths we do now.


Mostafamossaad’s reply:
This would also mean that the “increments” would be equal? The total number of minutes/The total number of steps? Or would you give control over the % of increments as well? :slightly_smiling_face:

Alex’s reply:
I would say if you want control over the length and the increment % then it would be just as easy and more easily flexible to create the steps manually. I know many of our users build formulas in Excel or even just manually in Excel to create perfect workouts and then copy and paste them into our workout creator. The other option is if you have some common step patterns just create a template workout that you can start as your base.
I am having another thought on this feature that maybe we could just improve our logic, and if a user selects a common length interval, like 30s, 1m or any full minutes. We always create fixed length ramps. Meaning if you say 10 minutes, it does either 30s or 1m intervals depending on the steepness of the ramp. It’s not as flexible as fully user controlled but would still really improve the ramp to steps experience. Maybe the user could just say select “big or small steps.”

I just created a quick workout example, that having to select the settings for every ramp is painful.

Having the system just do it the way you want rather that have to adjust it every time seems better :slightly_smiling_face: the problem is I just don’t know how all users think about this. I think just 2-options would be good for me, always try to keep it standard interval lengths.

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