Request: App “sort by” for viewing My Library (Completed)

Requested by kam - The website allows you to sort and view a selected library in many ways. The app appears to only show in date order. It would be great if the various sorting options could be incorporated within the app too.


Alex’s reply
Kam I thought about that. It’s interesting. I would like this too. Do you feel like all are necessary or is their one in particular you would like? Just currious. Maybe if we just change the sort order to name based then people could name them so they would sort like they want? 01_fast, 02_slow…. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kam’s reply
Hi Alex.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. The ones I would be most interested in would be by TSS or if it were possible by intensity. But that is just my personal preferences.

Kind regards


Ian added this to the site. I am moving here

When searching workouts on the website when clicking any of the categories to sort its always smallest to largest, it would be handy to be able to click the category button again to get the reverse sort largest to smallest.

For example:
I search by duration for any work outs between 20min and 40mins (139 pages worth!) I then click sort by duration and I get all the workouts from 20mins and upwards
It would be handy to be able to get the reverse sort of the all the workouts from 40mins and down (largest to smallest).

In the app, section “my creations” I only see the “first older” order, so to check the today workout I have to scroll months of workouts: really annoying.
It would be very useful to change this, having a “newer first” order.

Hi Kevin. I think something changed recently. Let me review this. You can move your creations into a list so that your lists are not so long. This helps but it used to show the last edited workout at the top. I will review and update you.

Thanks !!! I moved the current week workouts in a “This week” list, and when done I move them back to another list “Older weeks”. Thank you.

Cool and on the web site you can edit the list and create a short cut to get to them quickly if you need. We will try to figure out how to improve this sorting soon though.

So we have the following sorting on the site. I am thinking for this feature. We will remember your last sort order in the web app and it will show the same sort order in the training app. Here you can see the options on the web site. I wonder if this is enough or do people really need to sort inside the training app?

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I’ve started to build up quite a few of my own workouts and the web allows be to sort the list in lots of helpful ways (when I build them) but despite the thread here I can’t figure out how to order them in the app (which is what I use to execute the workout) - am I being dumb?

I can only see them in the created order (first to last). I name them logically so a sort by name is all I’d personally need but I like the super flexible sorts in the web too.

No you are fine. We want to add sort by inside the app but we need to do some re-design first to incorporate it, in the short term my web developer is going to make it so the sort order on the web actually sets the sort order in the app. I think he is finishing that next week. We really need sorting in the app though.

Awesome- thanks Alex.

So first change is that the app will display the workouts in whatever order you currently have set in the web? I.e. you can change it to anything in the app by changing it in the web?

That’s great for me as I will basically only use name I think!

Yes, exactly, that is coming soon. Hopefully this week.

Hi Alex - I know you updated the app very recently but I can’t figure this out - my workout list in the app is always ‘created by’ regardless of what I set it to in the web - am I missing something or did this not go out yet?

Also the web doesn’t persist the sorting order I select always defaulting back to created by every time I revisit the page. (running safari)

could easily be a simple fail on my side :slight_smile:

I did not test this so there might be a bug but did you set it here?

Sorry I just tested this. So changing sort on the web seems to stay for me if I change it here in the list manager but the sorting in the app is not working. Not sure why.

I was wrong this does work. See my screenshot of where you have to change the sort, then when you go to the app you need to refresh, click off the desired list and back to the list you want to see sorted. It should work just by pulling down and refreshing in the app to make it simpler to understand. But it does work :slight_smile: