Request: Basic plan functions - PLANNED - 7 votes in original request

Requested by BPeti - Hi Alex, it would be useful to put the default training plan into a basic calendar, so I could easily select my actual workout. Now its pretty complicated to find the proper workout every day. If i have a plan with 4-5-6 workouts a week, I can see day 1, day 2, …, day N. in the app which could be confusing. For example: Im adding a 8 week long plan to my library, starting on the next monday. Really hard to find out which workout i should chose on the 3. wednesday.
(At least you could autostep to the next day if i complete day n. workout.)

Yes, I fully understand and agree with you completely. We know what the last workout you did is, assuming you did it in our app, so even if we just scrolled and highlighted the next workout it would be a huge plus. Sounds like that is what you are suggesting as an alternative. I will try to get that prioritized right away. So anyone with an active plan, the first thing you see, is your next workout when you enter the app.

I prefer to not associate workouts with days since for so many people, days of workouts change and I feel that is something I like to promote (train by feel, hard on the days you are well recovered). I do allow people to veto my personal choice if I hear it often

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