Request: Can you display actual power and target power as percentages of FTP?

Requested by OldManToy - Is it possible to show both actual power and target power as a percentage of FTP alongside the actual value? Or, if space as an issue have an option in the settings to choose actual values OR percentage of FTP? Thanks. Great work so far!!


Alex’s reply
That’s interesting. I wonder how many other people want this. I relate more to % of FTP than I do actual watts so I might like this feature also. I have always heard that most peole want to see actual watts. I know most of the other apps only show watts. Yes, I would probably prefer to have a setting to not make the screen too busy, but I will think about this.

Kam’s reply:
Just adding my preference as I am totally a % of FTP rider. All head units are set to % and it would be great to see this indoor too. So much easier for me to relate to my FTP as it changes throughout the year.

Look forward to having the option in the future.


Alex’s reply:
Ok this one is easy, does not complicate the app/ui and I also like it so this one we will do sometime in the next 30-days.