Request: Power meter and smart trainer alignment

Requested by BurningLegs - When using a smart trainer and a power meter with the training app, could the app use the Power Meter reported power figure to adjust the resistance applied by the trainer rather than sending a target power to the trainer? This would allow training based on the same power source for indoor and outdoor rides, and some folks use a power meter because their trainer power meter isn’t as accurate, so using the power meter power figure would give a better training benefit.


Alex’s reply:
Hello Burning Legs, yes TrainerRoad allows a “Power Match” feature. I think it would be difficult for us to apply resistance accurately enough in real-time, and the smart trainer companies have invested a lot to make ERG mode good. I think the way TR does it and what is likely the better way is to just apply an offset. So we monitor the difference between your PM and the smart trainer power and send a target power to the trainer that includes the offset. I still don’t believe wheel on trainers will be super accurate in many cases but they should be noticeably better and I think wheel on should be very accurate taking this approach. This is a very popular request, even if it currently shows three votes.

Alex’s reply:
Just updating that this is coming soon.