Request: Upload ride to

I’m using to analyze my runs and rides. My current workflow is to upload the TrainerDay ride-file from my Dropbox or (because I prefer to have these false map, distance and speed ;-)) download the original file from Strava and upload it to runalyze.

It would be great to have an integration with runalyze in the app, so that the rides will automatically upload (like Strava and TP).

Maybe you can contact them via

Cool, I love it that some many people want these fake distances… Meaning I love that people have their own individuality. I think I am going to add the fake data to both dropbox and training peaks, seems too many people want it.

You can do this automatically using fitness syncer (dropbox or strava to runalizer). I doubt that we will do a direct integration, at least not until we are really big :slight_smile:

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PS do you like these fake maps too? Do you want them in dropbox? My fear is if you add the classic climbs your distance will be really low and I think most people want longer distances.

I know it‘s weird, but I do like the maps :smiley: If you could include them in dropbox it would be great.
Currently I have Fun Routes, Climbs and Interesting Places turned on and today it was a relatively flat course with 69 m elevation gain. So it‘s not always the big climbs. But generally you‘re right, I‘d prefer more distance over more elevation gain.

If I compare my ‘flat’ Tacx recorded (via the Tacx app) rides, to the virtual ones I do on BigRingVR or Tacx TDA/TTS, I’d probably have easily passed the 25-27.5K km mark for this year already, instead of the 20K where I am now :rofl:

Cool, I am really happy you like them. I like them too. I am not so worried about distance so the map is cool. You can turn off climbs and you will only get flat routes and get more distance that way.

Yes this could be a service, a virtual ride route flattner :slight_smile: we kind of like Tapiirik with a flattner service to give you more distance.

I already have that. This from the Tacx app controlling the Neo, while I was virtually riding Eikedalen on BigRingVR.

This is a relatively minor distance deficit, but on long climbs, it can be 25 km climb - 65 km ‘flat’, or something like that.

On Strava, I only log the virtual rides, also because they have segments. Well, you can’t make those anymore on new rides (or at least only private ones), but I hope they will reinstate that feature for parties like BigRingVR to create official segments and no ‘Your Mom Smells Like Donuts’ crap.