Resistance Change

Hey Guys!
I use Trainerday with my Elite Direto Trainer and I am happy with it so far!
The only Problem I get is when i do Intervall training with Trainerday… If I do for example 1 min Off / 1 Min on and my cadence drops during the ON part it gets almost impossible to get back into the “normal” cadence.
I get a similar problem in the beginning of workouts: If I start pedaling After having started the workout, the resistance is much higher than actually set. If i start the workout while already pedaling, the problem does not occur.
How can i adjust the app, to not get theses symptoms? Thanks and BR

This appears to be common to all training apps controlling a smart trainer…

See this article on Zwift Insider:

I’ve gotten used to it now, but if I get in trouble I turn off erg mode, shift up to a lower gear until I’m at the right cadence and power before turning erg mode on again.

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