Resistance Curve in Free Ride Mode

Is the resistance curve in Free Ride mode exponential or linear? Feels like it might be linear - once the flywheel gets up to speed, I “lose the pedals” and power drops off, making it tough to stay on target without further shifting or resistance adjustment. Not sure whether I’m doing something wrong, though - resistance doesn’t seem to change much even with 10% adjustments.

I am using a Kickr Core. Wahoo calls the flat resistance “resistance mode” and the exponential curve “level mode.” With level mode, I can usually go from rest to work segments simply by Increasing cadence ~15 RPM and shifting one or two gears. Then my power remains steady unless I shift, change cadence, or change the level; the flywheel doesn’t start gaining momentum. Zwift’s non-erg mode seems to be exponential (even though they refer to it as resistance); TrainerRoad has options for either; not sure why my trainer seems to work differently in the TrainerDay app. Any thoughts?

Yes we use resistance mode. I am not sure but I think level mode might be the same as simulator mode, this is what Zwift uses. It is probably a better solution for us to use sim or levels mode but it was more complex so we chose this route. We do have a bug with resistance mode for Wahoo and it’s possible this bug fix might help solve the issue but it still won’t likely be the exponential mode you prefer. This bug fix should be in beta tomorrow or the next day so let’s see if that helps.

The FreeRide mode from the former version displayed 0-100% and on Tacx Vortex resistance wasn’t changing between 0-50%. Above 50, I could feel the resistance increasing. Had it on 100% to do some sprints in highest gear but power topped at 650W and a cadence around 150. Could be the limit on my Vortex, not sure.
Haven’t tested FreeRide on the latest version yet.

Yes I think 650w is about the vortex limit. Yeah my power meter has a limite of 1300 and I just can’t get it go higher!!! :slight_smile: kidding pretty sure it not a PM limit… Also Neo is 2200w max, not going to find out if that is true in my life…

I think the guys who can, will probably rip it apart in the process :joy: Like that guy firing up a toaster or something. Your bike will be attached to the Neo, as it is direct drive - I think it will crack from the lateral forces…

Yeah when I test my max 1s and get 1300 one or possibly a few times then my chain needs replacing far earlier than it should. My FTP is terrible but max power is unproportional larger, I should be a weight lifter not a cyclist… Big guy problems… I am sure with 2200w my carbon CX bike would need replacing. :slight_smile:

Just looked it up. Vortex should go to 950W. Will have to check what I’m doing wrong. My max would be around 760-780w when I check my outdoor rides.

I don’t believed claimed max, they always could mean at 200rpm :slight_smile:

Specs say 950w at 40km/hr. I was at 66km/hr from the Tacx speed sensor. Resistance felt too easy because acceleration was fast, 22 to 67 in 10sec.
How should we interpret the percentage scale from 0-100% in the app? Earlier versions had -15% to +15%. There, it seemed logical that negative values don’t do anything on non-driven trainer (descent simulation). My Tacx Vortex was responding with resistance increase between -1 and +4%. Other values did not change anything anymore. So I had 6 steps in freeride, slope somewhat similar to outdoor hills.
To be honest, that was way more intuitive.

Resistance mode should not have changed at all. I don’t understand. It should always have said from 0 - 100% and started at 15% and you can change the ± amounts in the settings but the default is ±3

Latest version in mine shown here.


Sorry, i’m mixing things up. It’s my Garmin that does it like that. I remember now that I was checking the Power floor of my trainer with my Edge controlling the trainer in slope mode. I made a tabel with max speeds for low power values and the gearing that goes with it at 90rpm.

I think slope mode is better than resistance mode. I think we will switch to slope mode in the future.

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I like this idea :wink:

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