Ride maps when riding

Is there a virtual map that we can follow when riding?

Hi Nathan, no this is not a feature of our app. We just create a random map at the end and post to strava. You can how ever upload a workout you did in the past to our create workouts page and follow the same power or same slopes again.

If this is a feature you would like can you describe how you were thinking you would like to see it? For example, I am planning on overlaying elevation on top of our workout for uploaded rides in the future.

That’s a great idea to have elevation shown while riding! Speed would be cool to see as well in the display if possible. And I don’t mind not having a map but was just curious on where it came from. I had a workout today where the slope was an average of 2-3% and when it synced to strava it showed 4.3 mph and 1100ft of vertical gain. On the website it shows 16 mph. I don’t mind having the 4.3 mph shown on strava but is the 16 the grade adjusted speed? Sorry if that was wordy. Thanks for all you do!

Yes I was thinking elevation while riding, yes you are right speed would likely make sense too at that point.

Oh that is bug :spider: since you have climbs turned on in Strava settings it should show the same speed and distance on our history page. You can turn off climbs if you want but will fix this issue.