Rouvy - Trainer Day integration?

How do I load my workouts into Rouvy? I have the premium plan with TP. I have it all synched but when I go to workouts in Rouvy, nothing. What am I missing?

Just to make 100% sure we are saying the same thing you have premium TrainingPeaks account. You see all the workouts in TrainingPeaks but not in Rouvy. I know that’s what you said I just want to really double check :slight_smile: So this is a question for Rouvy. But I know the basic concept is to enable TP WOD in Rouvy and your workouts should show up there. I have never used Rouvy much but I guess this page tells you this.

Once again thank you Alex. Had to read over that link you provided and just an FYI for anyone else. You have to go to workouts in the ROUVY app and select the TP tab. Your WOD will be first on the list AND it will have a date.
I’ll test this tomorrow to see how the ride will look like. Starting new TD coach Jack plan on Monday so I’ll have the full weekend to get things dialed in.

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