Saris H1-H3 Occasional ERG Issues

I have heard from multiple Saris users that occasionally ERG gets stuck at the wrong target. One user reported that if he pauses the app and starts it again it fixes the issue.

Just putting another place holder here to say we are working on this and make sure no one else experiences this.

I had a H2, then a H3 (Direto XR now), and never encountered that problem !? Was this introduced with a recent firmware ?

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Oh that is helpful info. It helps confirm what I was thinking the problem is. Yes I think this started about 4-months ago when we made a change that helped fix a problem with another trainer. We can write code specific for Saris that should resolve this if my theory is correct

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Alex, I am not sure if this is related as I use a M2, but when I performed a workout this morning in ERG mode, my M2 was impossible to pedal once the workout went above 250 watts. I had to turn ERG mode off. I never felt as if ERG mode was on in the first place as my trainer never seemed to adjust to the workout.

Hi Craig that sounds like a different problem but it seems it is still realated to Saris compatibility with our app and might be the same. We have a fix that we are launching this week that should fix the problem of ERG not changing at the end of an interval but not sure about this one. If this is something that happens regularly and are willing to work with my developer we should be able to get it fixed but if it is not a regular occurance we just need to see if this next fix fixes it or not and if not just keep providing as many details as you can.

We just created a release (2.6.4) that we hope solves these Saris issues related to ERG not always setting the the power correctly… @stillmc Not sure if this fixes your issue as well.

Just wondering, does this apply to Tacx Flux as well? Using the app on my Android, I had similar problems where power gets “stuck” at lower targets and doesnt budge. I ended up using my Macbook and the iOS app and that was much better.

It was also very noisy and sporatic on power; sometimes 10% over target.

In most cases not hitting power target is because you need to shift to a bigger gear. If that does not help let me know.

That’s strange, we have a flux and Android and no problems like this. What phone and Android version?

Pixel 3, Android 12. I did try shifting through different gears on the cassette and didn’t see too much of a difference.

So we have a Flux S, it might be different than Flux without the S if that is what you have. Also we have not spent time testing Android 12 yet we are trying to find a good device to upgrade. I had a Pixel 3 but it died not too long ago. I am asking one of my testers to take a screenshot of our flux. I am sure it does not look like this. If you are in a huge hurry to get this resolved and you have time to work with my developer we could look at this now (let me know), or if you have a little time let me do some more research first.

I should’ve specified, it’s a Flux S. Not a huge deal, like I mentioned the iOS version worked better and I wonder if it’s a ble issue with my phone or perhaps the trainer; it’s always been a little unstable and never hones in exactly.

We still have an issue with Android 12 (not sure if it is related to this). so you could try uninstalling and reinstalling our app also.