Saris H3 Smart Trainer Question (Sorry Newbie Here)

I have been using a Saris H3 Trainer accompanied with TrainerDay app. Just Today, when i try to turn on the unit both the Power Supply (which comes with the Saris H3 package) and the unit itself did not lit (i mean the lights did not turn on). Anyone else experiencing on this? Also, May I know for saris H3 users is the Power Supply part of its warranty?

Hi Matt, welcome. So sorry to hear. Depressing. Does you power supply have a light on it as well? I don’t think we have a large enough group of Saris users here using our forums to help you, although we definitly have many H3 users in general. I would go to a group like this Saris FB one and ask them

I hope it is a quick fix and only requires a power supply replacement. If someone you know has a volt tester (small 10$ item) they can check if the power supply is working or any electonic repair shop will probably tell you for free. Obviously make sure your power plug in the wall has power :slight_smile:

Funny I looked at that group and see one of my friends Chad is an admin on the FB group. :slight_smile: He is a very helpful person.

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Thanks Alex, I have joined the group just waiting for the approval of the admins. But, as for your question the power supply have no light.

you could try a different outlet too.

Did try another outlet but no luck. I just bought another Power Supply from our LBS on a discounted price and bought an AVR to protect the power supply from voltage spikes.

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