Save power metrics with other workout data into apple health

Currently when doing a workout with Apple Watch, the workout data is saved into Apple Health, and Apple Fitness. Would it be possible to add power to it? Or at least avg power?

Hi, thanks for posting this here. Let me ask my developer if this is something easy to do.

My developer researched this and it seems this feature is in beta at the moment. Do any other apps do this?

I don’t believe anyone is doing it yet. It seems that with new iOS there is a new framework to share workout data between Apple Watch and iPhone. A lot of potential in my opinion, let me know if you need beta testers as I am running dev betas on some of my devices.

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@alex is this feature planned?

More context for how this is useful: I use the Apple health app as my centralized repository of workout/health data. That way it is easy to allow a third party to analyze it. Unfortunately, my trainer day workouts are missing a ton of data since they only export heart rate and duration. It would be nice to see cadence and power as well.

Hola @miguelatm
Yeah, that’s in the plans. I’m immersed in the Apple ecosystem myself and love keeping stats on my data/health in Apple Health. I’m interested in implementing this into the app myself, but when that will be, I can’t say yet. I can only say that it will definitely be in the application in the future.