Search for workouts with specified slope

Huge fan of your implementation of the slope option. It would be great if there was an option to filter the workout library search for workouts that have slopes specified.

I am so happy. I love this request. I will think on this but should be able to do that reasonably soon. I would like to give slope mode more love.

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I prefer to use the Slope mode whenever it’s possible. But I want to choose the gradient for each interval, so that I can adapt my cadence and gears according to my feelings.

I would actually think that is probably the right approach a lot of the time but like the idea of people sharing ideas and see what they create and trying out some of these ideas. Similar to trying out ERG ideas. If you are design slope with target watts there can be a lot of strategy in that (more so outside :))

But you can design “hills” with targets that match real world targets, meaning pushing hard right at the end of the hill to give you a boost over the top.

I also want to add a visual slope indicator on slope workouts. Ideally that would be in the form of an elevation map as an overlay on top of the target watts but I am not exactly sure how that would work/look.

GoustiFruit, that works most of the time but for shorter intervals it’s a game-changing experience not to fumble around and hope my phone recognizes which button I’m trying to hit with my shaky, sweaty fingers…

You’re right, sometimes it’s difficult to press the -/+ buttons to get the expected percentage: moreover there is a slight delay, so you may press them once/twice too often and, if it was the “-”, you’re going to spin :smiley: , if it was the “+”, you may fail if the interval is really short.
So… if some workouts are designed based on the “slope” mode, what I’d like to have, is a progressive slope: to slightly increase it a few seconds before the interval, so you have the time to change your gears.

Yes some where here on this forum I show how I design slope workouts like this but it takes more time to design the workout so doing it automatically would be nice,