Search Plan interaction

When searching plans, you set your preferences and get a list of matching plans. You can then look at plan which seems interesting. But when return to the search page, all search preferences have to be entered again.

It would be better if the search page kept previous entered values OR a plan could be opened in a new browser tab, which keeps the search page unaltered.

It does that for me - I search a plan (like “Race”), click one and look at it, click the browser back button and “Race” is still the search criterium…

I’m usually on Safari, but I just tried it on Edge (the latest version) and it behaves the same…

We are going to be significantly improving plans later in the winter and we will definitly do this. What you can do is right click on the plan from plan search and open in new window or hold shift key when clicking (I know it is not perfect).

If you put hours in for example they are lost.

Yes, I can confirm that :joy: (I mean, now that I’ve tried it.)

Oh and I see my suggestion above does not work!!! I works on workouts but not on plans. Thanks so much for the feedback on this one.