Sending workouts to Zwift from within our App

Is there a way to send my training plans to Zwift from the mobile app?

No but this is a good idea. We don’t have direct Zwift integration but if we added this to the app it would make it easy to just open our app, see your next planned workout and click send to TrainingPeaks and it would sync to Zwift. We don’t have direct Zwift integration so it is either via TrainingPeaks (free if you are only sending today’s workout there, or paid if you want to send wokouts in the future).

You can do this now on our web site but doing it in the app with the ability to make a workout as completed or doing some in our app and some in zwift makes total sense to me.

Let me know if that is a clear answer or not :slight_smile: Also let me know if that would help you. Maybe just doing it from our site is enough? It’s mobile friendly :slight_smile:

Yes that’s clear. However I found a “work around”. I will run TD on the mobile app controlling the trainer, and run Zwift on my Apple TV connected to my heart rate monitor and crank based power meter. This work just fine. TD seems to control the trainer faster than Zwift anyhow.

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I was planning on doing the same with the workaround Alex suggested, but came across a YouTube movie in which the guy overlayed TR over zwift using the multitask feature. It are the three dots on top of for instance TR or Netflix that allow to minimize and overlay an app over another.

It would be great to be able to show the TD app as an overlay over Zwift. That way, I can do what @ElvisPedalhead suggests, yet not via a separate Mobile device, but via my ipad on which I run Zwift. I prefer to use my companion app for Zwift on my phone.

Would that be possible to add this @Alex ? Did you already look into this?

Oh that is interesting and a very nice solution. Do you happen to have a link to that video? I can research it even if not but it would help to see it.

check it out here:
Would be great to have.

That is cool. I would like to allow our app to go in split screen other users would like this for other reasons as well.

For Zwift and our app to run together, I believe it would require a fast fairly new iPad or a mac with M1. Also you would need a CABLE device from NPE. Also we are planning performance enhancements this year which also might be needed to make this work correctly. That said I would still like to do this for next winter.

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Thanks. If you need a beta tester, give a yell :grin:.

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