Set circumference (Problem with Elite XR power reading)

Is it possible to set wheel circumference in the app ?

No, but currious why you would need to do this.

Im having problems with my elite XR in ERG mode. Some values above the target

Can you send a screenshot of what you mean. Are you using an external power meter with your trainer? Wheel size would not help. It’s something else.

Only elite smarttrainer

I had two other Elite users mention a problem recently. I think this might be related possibly. Are you talking about this below? Also can you tell me are you iOS or Android? And would you have any willingness to work with my developer? I will ask the other Elite user that said something recently also.

Now i have put the power in 85% and That is equivlent to 100% target

Yes, I am ready to help with whatever you need.

I tried it with the ipad which has a different version of ios than the iphone and apparently it looks much better and the problem seems to be solved. Tomorrow I’m going to try it with a whole workout.
Maybe it ia a iOS version problem

Ok, please let me know. I have an older Elite trainer as well that I loaned to a friend that is not using it and I am trying to get it back from him.

Same problem with ipad
Allways above power. Horrible

It is impossible to do a workout

It seems you are using external power meter and power match. Can you disconnect your other power meter?

One thing. Putting aside external power meter. Which gears are you using? Because with Elite Direto XR when using gear higher than 50:20 its really hard to maintain so low power. I usually do workout ~250W using 50:20 but lower effort parts I need either reduce RPM or just use gears 25 or 28 on the casette as keeping 140-160W is not possible with 100+ RPM.

I have my older bike permanently on the trainer (Dare2Ride Fuego). It’s a front triple with 10sp cassette.
Always using middle chainring with the 3 center cogs on the rear. I only change rear cog when it get’s used. When all 3 center cogs are used, I replace the 10sp cassette and chain. Gear ratio is 40:17 (or 15 and 19) and my endurance rides are 120-140W. My cadence is a bit lower, 90-95.

Are you possibly outputting too much power? I didnt see an answer to whether or not you’re using PowerMatch. If powerMatch is not enabled, do you see any issue?
Since that would be using the trainer’s own algorithm to control the trainer to meet the desired power target. That might help narrow down the situation.