Set up and use of TrainerDay. Why did I get low distance in strava?

I am set up on Tacx trainer and using app on iPhone with auto upload to Strava. I use Garmin Edge at same time so that I have workout data on Garmin Connect. Today I rode 40/20sec 2x10’FTP. Both the TrainerDay trainer and the Edge showed same Power, cadence and HR, but Strava recorded virtual ride with graphic up Monte Grappa, 9.7km; Edge showed 30km. HR and Power graphics the same on both platforms. I was so surprised that there is no mention on TrainerDay about this aspect :astonished:what is happening :thinking:as a workout, it worked fine.

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Hi Robin we have a virual maps feature that can have big classic climbs. If you happen to get a big up hill your distance will be much lower.

Just turn off these climbs and you will not get these big climb routes so your distance should be similar.

Thanks for prompt response and explanation, Alex. I now understand this feature, although I could not find a direct reference to it on web site, or have I missed it? Is there any intention to list the virtual climbs that TrainerRoad may link to, or provide an option to choose a route, or enable a video link to coincide with the ride? Thanks, again. Robin

The routes and climbs are more for the sake of Strava maps so it looks more than just a indoor workout (adds some life to the Strava feed and might help spread the word since people will wonder where you are riding). As of now, there’s not an option to manually select a route or watch a video of the route while riding. It’s basically just something that comes up on Strava after the ride is done.

Personally, I have all maps turned off for my Strava feed (unchecked all boxes) as I prefer having my indoor rides look like indoor rides, and I prefer to spread the word with the actual features rather than what looks like a virtual ride, but it may be quite neat to many to see which location you get once the ride is complete.

Thanks, Jeremy.

Yes thanks Jeremy. :slight_smile: Sorry I am slow to respond a lot going on and I am trying to be on vacation.

Glad someone asked this. Was wondering the same. Thanks for helping out.

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