Sets and Reps with Slope %

It would be great we could modify the slope targets within the sets and reps view. It would add just one column but make writing/modifying workouts a lot cleaner, particularly since a many workouts that are done in slope mode tend to have a lot of reps.

Again an amazing request :slight_smile: so happy to see. I like sets and reps view myself. Not sure how quickly we can get to either of these requests but I can say I like them both.

This slope feature is fantastic. I’ve done two workouts this week using it and it does exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Still trying to dial in the actual slope values, so the sets and reps view would make editing a lot easier. Does the slope represent gradient (and so the range of acceptable values depend on the trainer) or is it related to the slope of the resistance curve? If the latter, what would the range be?

Oh I am so happy to hear this!!! :slight_smile: This is actual slope gradient and we send slope and your weight information to your trainer. Make sure you weight is correct in our web app (click at your #s at the top). This is not resistance mode. We plan on adding an elevation profile line on top of the chart. I am still thinking on how to add slope to sets and reps.