Show Lap Power All The Time

Hi Alex

As a big fan of slope mode it would be really useful as a non-erg mode user to be able to see lap power & current power all of the time.

As a suggestion some sort of toggle or setting where we could choose within the existing layout for either the HR or RPM fields to display lap average power.

Thanks once again for a wonderful and ever improving product.

This feature is coming and I found out current average is 5s average not interval average :slight_smile: my developer misunderstood. We are making it interval average and moving it so you can switch from BPM or average power like you suggested. Should be out next week.

Hi Alex

Absolutely fantastic and will save me having to use my Garmin watch to get accurate lap power data for Vo2 intervals.

The product just keeps on getting better & better. Can’t imagine where about it will be in a few years time.

Thanks once again for all your dedication and commitment.


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