Simulating elevation gain for workouts

Hello Alex,
there are other apps out there which try to simulate the elevation gain cumulated during a workout.
Like TrainerDay simulates a total distance for a workout, would it be possible to have an elevation gain simulator?

I’m searching for this feature also. I’m coming from Zwift and I’m used to seeing the elevation data, which is nice. TrainerDay seems to have all of the functions that I basically want. The only thing I’m missing is that elevation data. Perhaps I need to use the app more? Is elevation data even considered an essential metric for indoor cycling?

Hi and happy to have you. For training elevation data is totally un-necessary (other than the effects of altitude themselves but I am pretty sure apps can’t help with that, without an expensive piece of virtual altitude hardware :slight_smile:

Anyway, I would say the main reason to have elevation from a training perspective if you are attempting to do simulate an outdoor event or possibly the inspiration gained from going slow uphill and pushing. But in ERG it totally zero benefit, I personally even feel it’s a negative in Zwift being in recovery interval and people screaming by you uphill. Also if your route goes to strava if you are really slow but it shows you climbed lots of elevation, at least you feel better :slight_smile:

Training for a TT or a longer race or something and practicing the slopes and associated watt targets you expect to do makes sense but it’s all about the watt targets not the slopes themselves. So we have an upload route feature, but it’s kind of worthless. I am building a new version of this that will be great. It will be like a very simplified version of best bike split. That you upload a route and it will give you very realistic targets.

So you would have to specifically what you are trying to do with elevations but generally both speed and elevation don’t matter at all from a training perspective.

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Oh my gosh. I never responded to this. I am so sorry.

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