Skip to next or "recovery" interval?

I’d welcome a “skip to next interval”, or “skip to next recovery interval” button on the app during workout. It’s use would be mostly during a ramp test, where after failure I’d like to continue the workout at a recovery effort and track (for example) heart rate recovery. For this I think it would be needed to have a way how to mark some intervals as “recovery” ones in the workout editor.

Pardon me if there’s already a way how to do this.

When you stop pedaling on a ramp test and start again, it skips to recovery interval automatically. Does the solve your request?

Yes, that sounds exactly what I requested. Is this feature already built in or we’re just fleshing out the definition?

It’s already there.

Sounds sweet. However, how can I determine whether a workout has this feature? E.g., does this one have it?

Anything with the words “ramp test” in the title :slight_smile: so yes that one should be fine.

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Thanks for the clarification. Your quick responses and support are appreciated.

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Also, the small arrow (“>”) button on the middle right of the screen jumps to the next interval (iPhone version)