Slope mode adjusting Wahoo Climb Simulator

Hi All,
I made a search through the forum threads but likely didn’t find the answer to my question: is the slope mode in the app able to pair with Wahoo climb simulator so that it is adjusted to the slope programmed in the workout?

It should work that way. Meaning I think the slope sent to your trainer will automatically update the climb but we have not tested it. I would love for you to tell me :slight_smile: if it does.

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I can’t test it as I am evaluating to buy the climb simulator to pair with Kickr Core and wondering about this capability…let’s see if someone else has tested it!

I am really sure it will, but obviously I would feel bad if you bought it and it didn’t… See here


If Ray is correct in this statement then yes it will work. We send incline to the trainer and I am sure all the apps out there did not change their code to support the kickr climb. It really has to work this way, that our app sending slope will change it.

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