Slope mode like ERG mode (completed)

Not kindergarten yet, but preschool (pretty much the same though with a smaller class-size compared to kindergarten). I assume this is just the beginning :slight_smile:

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I’m 77 going on 78 and I find that wh en I did the FTP I started out on 80% and by the end I was way down at 45 % So fo me it means that I have to start out at about 50% and see what happens. Will do that soon.

Hi there, I don’t understand what you mean at all :slight_smile: are you saying you created a slope workout and tried slope mode? If so you are in full control of power just by changing gears and changing cadence.

Hey Alex. It is raining in Ottawa Canada this week so I got around to testing the slope mode on my Stages SB20 bike.

I suspect I am not creating my workouts properly. Here is a summary of the results:

1 want to create in this simple test works :

Work intervals of around 500 watts @ 80 rpm for 30 seconds with rest intervals of 100 watts @ 80 rpm for 30 seconds. On my first try, I just added slope intervals of 10% to my existing test workout (it is actually a target of 520 watts for 8 seconds and then 500 watts for 22 seconds).

The first test ride was pretty good. The work intervals were terrific. 500+ watts @ 80 rpm, with more watts when I pedalled harder and fewer watts when I lightened up. I know it doesn’t sound like much but with every training app doing erg intervals these days, it was great to feel what my Stages bike could do when asked to produce a proper 500 watt effort.

I tried using erg mode for the rest intervals. When you look at the graphs, clearly this didn’t work. The bike provided 0 watts during the rest intervals.

Any idea how I should be code the workout to get my 100w - 500w - 100w - 500w - 100w test?

Thanks! Craig.

Hi Craig, thanks for trying this. No it looks like you did it right, it appears that for some reason your SB20 does not shift to ERG mode the same as our bikes. Can you send me the link to this workout so I can verify on my Neo?

If I am correct and it is an issue directly affecting SB20 and you have any time available to test with my developer he could fix this but first let us try your workout.

Hey Alex. Here is the link to my short testing workout Trainer Day - Workout: Slope Test.

I edited the test since running it last night to have only simple 30 second slope intervals surrounded by 30 second erg recovery intervals.

I am happy to test new updates. I appreciate how hard it is for you to test on different hardware.

For iOS testing, I assume you will send an iOS TestFlight email. Send to and I can test with my Stages SB20 bike anytime you need it :rocket: .

Hey Craig, yes I can send you invite to test flight. You don’t happen to have any android devices floating around do you? It would be much easier for my developer to work with you that way but if not we can do test flight.

Hey Alex. I really don’t have an easy way to test Android. Sorry.

I got the TestFlight app running no problem. Thanks.