Smart Bike Trainers - We are now #4 (2022 review)

Since DC rainmaker and Gplama don’t seem to cover top 10 like this, I consider Tariq’s reviews one of the top if not the top in for indoor training apps for performance cyclists. This is only the second winter for our app (although longer of the sharing platform) we have made it to #4 (matches our $4/month price :)). Obviously this is just his opinion and I think price plays a significan’t roll in this rating but I am super happy and excited about this.

Thanks to all our user for all the great ideas and inspiration they provide to help get us to the top :slight_smile:

We get lots of great praise which we love but Here was a Facebook post of at least one user that that puts us as #1. I am know there are more of you guys and gals as well. Thanks again.



Congratulations. Well deserved. :partying_face:

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I really like Trainerday. Yes the cost is an important factor for me and to be honest 4$ is a nobrainer, ccompared to other training apps. Most of them are chsrging 15$ or more.

I think the adaptive Training feature from Trainerroad is great too but for me not worth 20$ a month.

Congrats for this good review. keep on the great work. I will stay with you :slight_smile:

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