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Hi, It would be great for those who like me, use social networks, especially Instagram if TrainerDay had an account in which they would publish content such as updates that are made about coach jack, training tips, tips or advice to handle coach Jack well, etc.

This would help the platform to spread even more and the community grow, thus helping to have the potential of more active customers per subscription.

It’s just a suggestion.


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For now it is only me and developers and testers and I spend all my time just talking to customers and designing and helping the dev team build cool things. But we are growing so the day is coming that we can have more time to help educate and share stuff.

We have an instagram account but no sadly no posts. We put a little more on Facebook but really this forum is where all the information goes. But I will see what I can do. I agree it could really help with “shareability.”

Thanks for the advice. I do 100% agree.

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