Social Profile and/or workout sharing

So I have had mulitple people say that sending a workout to a friend would be a nice feature, even though you can send the URL, directly sending to their account in our webapp would be more convienient. I am currious if anyone else is interested in this. There are different ways to implement this one could go to their calendar or to a new list “from my friends” or something.

Secondly, a few coaches have said they would be happy to have profiles and I am currious if any coaches or cyclists see value in having a TrainerDay profile.

I was just thinking about this recently. Many people don’t have time, don’t care or simply don’t want to go to the trouble of analyzing or creating training, they simply want to do the training that their coach gives them.

I have the particular case of a friend who, due to her work, family and other factors, does not have time to create her plan or follow up, and although with Coach Jack it is very simple, in her little free time she only wants to do the prescribed training. She asked me to train her, from here I got the idea that it would be very good to have a Coach jack for coaches, where there is a profile of the students and they have the possibility of connecting to strava to be able to make the plan, and the intervals, garmin profile, etc.

Obviously, the possibility of an additional charge for coach jack for coaches should be evaluated.

Something similar to where you have the profiles of the students.


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So this is interesting perspective. I will give you some deeper insights. I don’t want to build a tool for Coaches :slight_smile: This makes our consumer focused product a business focused product and side tracks our focus, but I fully agree with your case which is helping your friends. It’s a blury line between the two but charging extra for coach features moves over the blury line to me. There are lots of couples for example that one person helps the other, or many friends like you. This is the part I am interested in. I really prefer Intervals and TrainingPeaks to be in the coaching business.

Again I would allow social profiles for people to declare themselves a coach if they wanted and link to their sites for free. I don’t mind helping, just don’t want to be in that business. Right now obviously you could login to their account and create a plan for them but this is not so comfortable. You could ask her to create an account, connect to strava and pay, and add you as a friend that can login as her/him for example, so you just select which user you want to be. Then you don’t need to know their strava login.

I realize coaches might use this but again I want to focus on sharing and helping not professional coaches. I could even put a limit of 3 friends at a time or something. I partially say this because TrainingPeaks is a great partner for us and coaches are their main business so I don’t want to cause them to question our relationship. Same with intervals, I really appreciate David and prefer to do what I can to carve my own nitche but at the same time do what is best for our primary customers.

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Your point of view is totally understandable.

Previously I was thinking it would be cool to be able to add different rules based on a coaches rules, like “Coach Alex’s rules” but I realized that you need to be very careful with that because soon it looks like TrainingPeaks which has thousands of difficult choices. How do I choose one coach over another, how do I know which coach is right for me. Also because my thinking and research made me 100% in alignment with Andrea once I met him but his approach was incredibly systematic and refined compared to mine :slight_smile: Go figure a 30 year pro coach might know more than me :slight_smile: So I think having what I consider the best coach/strategy for the way I think is better than having a lot of other coaches opinions that I don’t agree with :slight_smile: even if they may be right in some cases.

But that is why your idea of just helping a friend I really like. I was not thinking of it so much in CJ perspective which is an interesting new thought so I appreciate your perspective.

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