[Solved] - Ability to sync past activities with Strava more than once

I used TrainerDay for free for a week, and manually downloaded activities to upload them on Strava.

Now with the membership, the auto synced activities have intervals as laps, which isn’t available with the manual download upload.

On my Strava connection page, I opted to sync past activities, but none of them synced to Strava because I already had them there manually. I have deleted the activities in Strava, but now the button to sync past activities is missing, probably because all activites have been flagged as “Synced”.

Probably not a feature that it required, but is there any chance to reset this button for me?

Sure, we will do that early next week. No problem. Thanks for subscribing.

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Sorry will try to get this done in the next day.

Hi, now if you go to your activities tab and click re-sync to strava it will send these. Just make sure none of the workouts you want synced exist in strava.

Thank you, worked like a charm!

Hi Alex.
I’m lookin for the “re-sync” button and can’t find it. Does it still exist? I have just unoaused my subscription and have a couple of workouts I’d like to sync to strava.

Yes, it’s on the right side of the activities page.