[SOLVED] - Blank page when trying to create a plan with Coach Jack

Hi, I just joined the premium subscription.
When I try to create a plan(red button) I have a blank page.

In the network tab I see this error:
URL: https://coachjack.api.trainerday.com/api/v1/profile/facts
Status: 404
Source: Network

I’m on Mac and I have tried with Safari, Chrome, ARC and Firefox. All with same error

I also have tried on Ipad and does not work


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I will have my developer check. Strange you are getting this error. As everything works fine for me. I am chrome/mac. Popup blockers and translation plugins cause errors at times. See mine, I have no such error.

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same issue here for me I’m afraid, I’m on a mac, ad-blockers disabled etc, Ive tried safari, firefox and chrome on the mac as well as safari on the iPad.

Once i’m logged in and I go to the plan builder i get here


I noticed that blue line is animated, is it indicating percentage it’s loaded? As you can see it stops.

“Create First Plan” only results in a blank page

Learn more does nothing.

Opening learn more in a new tab returns me to https://trainerday.com/coach-jack and wants me to register etc again.

I see the same issue on Windows with safari and chrome.

Back on the MAC I see this if I open the developers tab in chrome


(edited to remove an extra post, clarify details and provide debug)

My developer is looking at this.

Your first error looks like it is a chrome extension error but still seems we have some error on our side why it is calling that non-existent API. We should have this fixed today.

@Wilmington @TwinSun

Could you try once again, please?

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Hi Andrello.

My issue is now fixed! I was able to get into the plan setup!

Thanks a lot!


Excellent - it works. Many Thanks!

Now to figure out how it works and how to up the number of days from 3 to 5 or 6 a week.

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