[SOLVED] - Calendar plan not matching Coach Jack

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I decided to redo my coach jack plan after a sickness and to tweak some parameters. In the plan builder it looks like I want it, but when I send it to my calendar a seemingly different plan appears. The new plan I think looks like an old version of my plan, but I’ve deleted every plan in my plan and every other version of the coach jack plans but it still persists.

I may have a similar issue in that when I edit the plan attatched to my calendar, it never updates. I get a continuous showing of the “sync plan with my plans” splash screen. I cannot seem to make and save changes to my calendar plan.

Hi guys, we just did a huge rewrite of CJ so editing old plans likely has a bug. We will review. Sorry about that.

Amusingly, I woke up this morning and a completely different plan was showing in my calendar, on different days.

Ok, I tried to build a plan out from scratch. It’s a big plan, it goes out to April next year. Nothing went wrong in the process, but it just won’t save and publish. The publish spinner just spins and spins for minutes. I’ve tried it 3 times with the same result.

Sorry about both these issues, I think my developer fixed the first one, I will have him look at this second one.

Generally our plan builder should be limited to 6 months. We just did some major changes so that limit might not be there but if it is allowing longer than 6 months, not sure it is what we would consider an optimal plan. I personally would just create a fun plan from now to Nov, and then create your focused plan from Nov - April.

Hi there,
Could you try to sync your plan once again?

It definitely used to work for large timelines like that. I had created a similarly sized plan a few months ago. I think it works well, as it gradually builds over a longer timeline.

It now saves, but it saves something different. Here is the plan vs the calendar

Thanks for clarification that > 6 months worked for you, some times I forget some of the nuanced details of stuff like how well it works for every case, such as > 6 months.

So, it has always worked this way as your last comment, meaning the workouts are dynamically generated and so the preview does not necessarily match the exactly same final generated workouts, but should be the same time and general intensities. From my perspective these two plans are the same plan. Two Zone 2 and 1 sweet spot. 45/60/60. Let me know if I am missing something.

Ok, I don’t remember it working that way, but you use it more than me, so I’ll take your word on it. It seems weird that you can’t just use the same workouts as in the preview to avoid queries like this? The weekly TSS levels more or less match, within a 5 point tolerance.

Given the above, it would appear that my initial query was in fact only 50% a bug. I didn’t see the same workouts, which as you indicate, is actually how it works. Where there was an actual bug was I changed from a 3-1 to a 2-1 rest period and that wasn’t being reflected in the system. That appears to have been fixed.

Yes there was a reason we did it this way, meaning it had performance issues or something but at this time I can’t remember what, but I fully understand and agree. Since it was just rewritten and performance improved a lot maybe we can fix this more easily now.

Could you try to re-sync and then re-open the CJ plan and compare to Calendar version?

So what I am hearing Andrey say is he fixed it so now they match :slight_smile: Assuming it works, thanks for the inspiration as this is much better.

Yep, now they match. Nice work.