[SOLVED] - Intervals.icu Workout of the Day - A couple of days out


New user/subscriber. Just a query about the Intervals.icu workout of the day. The workout I see on the today tab is not the workout I have in my intervals.icu plan. Currently it’s showing a workout from Saturday, over the weekend it was showing Thursday’s workout. The workouts page is showing my workouts correctly as far as I can see so I can get my workout there. Just wondered about the today page being accurate.


I have the same problem. Intervals WOD never shows correctly on the Today tab.

I thought I might have a setting wrong, but haven’t got around to working out what it is

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So my Intervals workout of the day does appear on the Workouts/plan source tab, but not on the Today tab. The attached screenshot seems to suggest it might appear in one location or the other

Let us check this. Might be time zone issue, but it should show on both today and library. We need to improve that description.

Sorry lost some comments here that people said this was fixed.