[SOLVED] - Issue with syncing calendar with Garmin


There is a bug with syncing calendar with Garmin. Below are the screenshots from TrainingDay and Garmin

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Dziendobre Łukasz, we will check this tomorrow and fix asap.

Ok, I tested this and can’t duplicate it (meaning works perfectly for me).
Can you

  1. Delete your current plan from your calendar.
  2. Make sure calendar sync is on in connections tab
  3. Delete your workouts from garmin (it should happen in step 1 if you wait)
  4. Clone your jack plan and send to your calendar again

Thank you for response.

I’ve tested with different Jack Plan (generated last year Trainer Day) and it works as expected.

It looks like the issue happens with this Jack Plan (Trainer Day). Could you try to duplicate the issue with this plan?

Oh so you are not using the sync feature but using “send plan to garmin?” Or are you saying you are sending this plan to your calendar and then syncing?

I’m generating the plan with Jack Coach and then send the plan to the TD calendar which is syncing with Garmin calendar.

I’ve just generated a new Jack Coach plan, and I’ve sent the plan to the TD calendar and synchronization with Garmin works as expected.

As I mentioned, It could be only an issue with this Jack Coach plan Trainer Day

Ok great, it is working for you. I will clone that plan and see if I can duplicate the issue.